What Makes This Company So Special

Outside of offering our clients a variety of amazing services, it's our people who make the biggest difference


In this world, access to information is key. With access to North America's largest marketplace: we are able to provide you with in-market min-by-min pricing, giving you the peace of mind to know that you got the best rate possible at the time of your booking. 


We work in partnership with our YOU. By knowing your long/short term goals we are able to source and secure the perfect carrier for your particular lane-ways.


Not one Carrier is PERFECT for You. It takes a team of vetted carriers to fully service your freight requirements. Trust that our extensive pool of partner carriers are capable of meeting and exceeding all your freight needs. 


Lets face it, life isn't perfect and neither is freight. Its inevitable, if you move enough freight you will run into an issue. How we manage and navigate through the issues with both youself and our carrier is what sets us apart.  


As a company we pride ourselves is personal growth. To grow externally, one must first grow internally. We provide our team with a positive working environment that encourages and promotes their growth. We're confident our attitude within our offices are felt outside our offices. 

The Process

Without communication, we have nothing. From the time of booking to scheduling to tracing to delivery, we stay in communication with you throughout the process. 


See what our clients are saying about us?

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I have been using Wood-Hall Logistics at my place of employment since their inception. They have done over 50 shipments for me in the past 8 months. They follow my shipments from start to finish, the inform me of any issues (should any arise) and take the appropriate steps to clear up those issues in a timely fashion. The staff at Wood-Hall is professional and courteous and really care about their clients (and the shipments that they are moving). They use quality carriers every time. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Trisha Brekelmans

Everyone I deal with at Wood-Hall is an absolute pleasure to work with! They are all so friendly & helpful. We use them at Hardwoods to move a large portion of our freight incoming from the USA. They are great at what they do. They always keep us informed & up to date with all our shipments! We really appreciate all their hard work & commitment to helping us move our freight. Thanks guys! 🙂

Jodi Bernard