10 Common types of Equipment Found in Trucking

10 Common Types of Equipment Found in Trucking

There is a variety of equipment used in the trucking industry to help ensure a safe and efficient transport of goods. The following list provides examples of the most common types of equipment:

  1. Tractor: This is also commonly known as a semi-truck, this is the vehicle used to pull a trailer. There are many different types of tractors that are used for different purposes and different sectors of the transportation industry.
  2. Trailer: This is what is pulled by the tractor, used to hold the freight. There are many different types of trailers used in different sectors of the transportation industry including flatbeds, dry vans and refrigerated trailers.
  3.  GPS Navigation Systems: Truck oriented navigation systems are a vital part of the trucking industry. They help drivers navigate their routes and ensure they are using the most efficient way to reach their destination. Along with this, it assists them in avoiding areas that are not accessible to trucks.
  4.  CB Radio: This is a two-way radio system that truckers use to communicate with each other any issues on the road or important information that may be required. 
  5.  Electronic Logging Device (ELD): ELD’s are a device used to track the driver’s hours of service to ensure they are in compliance with regulations. Truckers must adhere to certain policies in terms of how long they can drive for at a time and when breaks are required.
  6.  Safety Equipment: Truckers must carry safety equipment on them to ensure they have the proper protection while doing their jobs. Along with this, safety equipment is often required when they are on site loading or offloading. This is especially apparent in the flatbed industry where drivers need to tarp and strap loads, putting themselves directly on the ground of worksites. 
  7. Load Securing Equipment: Load securing equipment is a vital piece of the trucking industry and something that a driver will use almost every day. This includes equipment such as straps, chains, binders and load bars. Equipment is used to secure cargo and prevent it from shifting or being damaged throughout transit. 
  8.  Tire Chains: Tire chains are used in certain lanes of the trucking industry where more extreme weather in prevalent, specifically snowy or ice conditions to provide better traction on the road. 
  9.  Fuel Cards: Fuel cards are used to purchase fuel for the truck throughout transit and are provided by the trucking company to company drivers. 
  10. Dashboard Camera: These are used to record any events that occur while driving, such as near misses or accidents. They are an important source of evidence in the event that any issues do occur. 


Much of the equipment used in the trucking industry has been a staple for decades. Truckers continue to become experts at ways to use their equipment to ensure the safest transport of freight. Some new technology, such as ELD’s have entered the industry as of late and are just another building block in the continuous growth in a strong industry.  

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