FAQ-Wood-Hall Logistics and Freight Brokerage

Where can Wood-Hall ship to?

As a freight brokerage, we specialize in shipping anywhere in North America. Wood-Hall’s widespread carrier connections allow us to do this efficiently and with the greatest due diligence.

Will I receive updates on my shipments?

Yes! Wood-Hall prides ourselves on ensuring that we are fully transparent and offer effective lines of communication with our customers. Wood-Hall is constantly getting updates on our shipments and always ensures that customers are kept up to date!

Can Wood-Hall ship across the border?

Yes! We have vast experience in shipping throughout North America and are well versed in the process of crossing shipments over the border.

How can I get a rate quote?

You can use our rate quote form or contact us by phone at 519-213-1000 or email at operations@wood-hall.com.

Why is it a good idea to use a freight brokerage?

Moving freight is what we specialize in. We have years of experience that allows us to analyze every type of commodity that comes our way and make decisions based on what we feel is the best route. A freight brokerage is the best option when you want a seamless experience that will lead to your freight being shipped in the greatest way possible.

Where do we excel?

Wood-Hall excels in over the road LTL and FTL shipping. This is where we put most of our focus. That being said, Wood-Hall has the connections to offer assistance with any type of shipment!

How long have you been in business?

We have been in the freight brokerage business since 2017. We are backed with decades of experience and widespread connections through the freight industry. Our brokerage started as a way to connect shipments from any location in North America to proven carriers that can get the job done right.

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Wood-Hall Logistics is a full-service logistics and freight management company, offering a range of transportation solutions, based on the customer's specific needs. Built on our reputation within the transportation industry and our network of quality carriers, Wood-Hall Logistics ensures that all shipments are handled with utmost care. Ship with us today!

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