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At Wood-Hall Logistics, customer care and satisfaction is top priority and is ensured through our open and honest approach in all steps of the transportation process.

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Wood-Hall Logistics will provide the most efficient, cost-effective transportation solution needed to ensure the requirements of the shipment are met.

Shipping rates and Required Information

While price can vary for a number of reasons, here are a few common elements that determine freight costs. These same determining factors are helpful to have on hand prior to calling us:

Origin and Destination

The further the distance between the shipping origin and the final destination, the higher the rate will be. Proximity to a major metro centers can also impact freight shipping rates, as simple supply and demand principles apply to freight.

Size and weight

The dimensions and weight of the shipment are key to determining freight rates. When inquiring about your freight, it’s important to know exact weights and dimensions of your product.

Shipping method

The mode of transportation used to ship the freight is a weighing factor. For example: expedited shipping will usually result in additional charges, Flatbed aren’t as accessible as Dry Vans.

Special services

Shipments that require special handling (perishables, fragile, hazardous materials) will likely lead to additional costs.

Special Pick Up and Delivery Requirements

Often shipments may come with unique requirements. Special Licensing for Port Entry, Power Tail Gates, Trailer Drops, Residential Deliveries, Restricted Shipping and Receiving hours, After hours and Weekend Deliveries etc. all can lead to additional costs.

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Wood-Hall Logistics is a full-service logistics and freight management company, offering a range of transportation solutions, based on the customer's specific needs. Built on our reputation within the transportation industry and our network of quality carriers, Wood-Hall Logistics ensures that all shipments are handled with utmost care. Ship with us today!

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