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Finding the Right Trailer for the Job

Our team at Wood-Hall Logistics has expertise in matching freight with the trailer that is right for the job. It is vital to use a trailer that works with the freight to ensure a seamless shipping experience that follows the correct regulations. The chart below shows the trailers we specialize in but feel free to reach out to us at 519-213-1000 or at operations@wood-hall.com and our team of experts can help find a trailer that works best for your shipment.

Dry van trailers are enclosed trailers that are used to carry freight while protecting it from weather and other elements that come with shipping. The hard shell allows for freight to stay safe and gives the shipper greater peace of mind.

Benefits of using Dry Van

  • Most Common Trailer: Dry Vans are the most common trailer type and thus are the most accessible.
  • Great for LTL and FTL: Dry Van trailers are easily split up to allow shippers to utilize only portions of the trailer. They are also perfect for large shipments that require full truckloads.
  • Lower Cost: Generally, dry van shipments do not require the use of specialized equipment and come with a lower cost.

DryVan Dimensions (Maximum):

  • 53 feet long
  • 8.6 feet high
  • 8.6 feet wide
  • 45,000 pounds

Flatbed trailers have a wide range of usability that allows for freight to be loaded in a variety of ways. Unlike other trailers, flatbeds allow freight to be loaded from the tip, side and rear giving it a great degree of accessibility.

Benefits of Flatbed Shipping:

  • Accessibility: The ease of access allows for freight to be loaded without trouble.
  • Usability: Flatbeds allow for a wider range of usage. Large LTL loads that cannot fit in a dry van can be accommodated easier on a flatbed. Shipments can be easily secured through the use of straps and tarps.
  • Widespread Options: Flatbeds come in several different types. Some of these include drop deck, step-deck or removable gooseneck. Reach out to us today for more information on what would be the best option for your freight.

Standard Flatbed Dimensions(Maximum):

  • 48/53 feet long
  • 8.5 feet wide
  • 8.5 feet high
  • 48,000 pounds

Specialized trailers available upon request (ex. RGN, step deck, etc.)

A roll-tite trailer, otherwise known as a Conestoga Trailer is a unique trailer that provides the advantages of a flatbed while still offering protection to the freight.

Benefits of Using a Roll-Tite/Conestoga Trailer:

  • Protection: The rolling tarps provide excellent protection from the elements and are easy to take on and off.
  • Usability: Can be loaded like a flatbed, allowing for high ease of access when loading freight.
  • Safety: Tarps are easily rolledback, without making contact with any freight. This allows the driver and the freight to remain safe.

Roll-Tite Dimensions (Maximum)

  • 48/53 feet
  • 8.5 feet width
  • 8.5 feet height
  • 45,000Lbs


A straight truck is one of the easiest vehicles to use and operate. The smaller size allows for greater usability while boasting unique accessories not found on other trailers.

Benefits of Using a Straight Truck:

  • Usability: A straight truck boasts a variety of features that allow for efficient use. Both barn style doors and roll up doors can be used depending on the specifications of the shipment.
  • Fewer Restrictions: Straight trucks are unique in that they have higher ease of use due to their size. Due to their smaller length and weight, straight trucks experience fewer route restrictions than larger trucks.
  • Accessibility: Straight trucks can be found with tailgates. Tailgates permit shippers to easily deliver when only ground level is available, allowing for shipments to be loaded and unloaded seamlessly.

Straight Truck Dimensions (Maximum)

  • 26 feet long
  • 8.5 feet long
  • 8.5 feet long
  • 13,000 pounds

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