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Cross-Border Transportation with Wood-Hall Logistics


At Wood-Hall Logistics, one of our key offerings is cross-border transportation services. We have vast experience in setting up shipments to and from the USA and have built connections to carriers that provide us dependable service. Whether your shipment needs to be sent in a van or on a deck, we can find a vetted solution that fits your needs.

Cross-Border Notes to Consider

  • Customs
    •  Are you set-up with a customs broker? If not, it is important to find a broker that fits your needs. Whether you rarely ship cross-border or plan to do frequent shipments, there are different options that can best fit your needs. Generally, customs can be cleared through a broker within a few hours of them receiving all required information, but it is important to give a buffer by getting all custom documents in to the broker and carrier early.
  • Transit Time
    • When do you want your shipment to arrive by? If there are time parameters surrounding your shipment, it is important to communicate these to make sure the freight is sent out with enough time to reach its destination.
  • Special Delivery Requirements
    • Is your shipment dock to dock or does it require any special delivery requirements? We have partners through the USA that assist us with tailgate, inside delivery and other specialized deliveries as required.


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Check out our blogs to learn more about the specific lanes between Canada and the USA and the common freight that is found between them. Click the button below!

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Wood-Hall Logistics is a full-service logistics and freight management company, offering a range of transportation solutions, based on the customer's specific needs. Built on our reputation within the transportation industry and our network of quality carriers, Wood-Hall Logistics ensures that all shipments are handled with utmost care. Ship with us today!

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