5 common types of freight in alberta

5 Common Types of Freight in Alberta

Alberta is a province in Western Canada known for vast natural resources and a strong economy. It’s a transportation hub for much of Canada and freight is constantly running throughout the province. There are several common types of freight that are moved within and out of Alberta, which can be found in the list below.

Alberta Freight

5 common types of freight in Alberta include:

  1.  Oil and Gas Products: Alberta is one of the largest producers of oil and gas, and which that, there is a large amount of freight transportation for this industry. This commonly includes crude oil, natural gas, and other refined products such as gasoline and diesel fuel. 
  2. Agriculture Products: Alberta is home to a strong agriculture industry, with significant freight related to crops such as barley, wheat and canola. Livestock and other animal related products such as meat and dairy are also a common type of freight stemming from the agriculture industry. 
  3. Mining Products: Alberta is home to various mineral resources, such as coal, golf and copper. Freight in the mining sector includes the transportation of raw materials and the movement of the finished goods like refined metals. Along with this, the machinery needed for the mining industry bring specialized transportation equipment out to handle the common oversize loads found in Alberta. 
  4. Manufacturing Products: Alberta is home to a diverse manufacturing sector, with a wide range of goods produced within Alberta. Common types include machinery, vehicles and consumer goods. Freight transportation in the manufacturing sector consists of the movement of the finished goods and raw materials use to products these goods. 
  5. Construction Materials: The growth of Alberta’s economy has led to an associated growth in the construction industry. This has led to the growth of the transportation of materials such as lumber, steel, and concrete.   


Alberta Transport


Alberta’s vast access to natural resources such as oil and gas has helped to boost the economy. This has led to the continuous diversification of the freight industry and has made it one of the busiest transportation hubs in Canada. The above are examples of the most common types of freight found in Alberta. 

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