5 types of pallets used in the transportation industry

5 Types of Pallets Used in the Transportation Industry

Pallets are a vital part of the transportation industry. They allow freight to transported and stored in a an efficiency and organized manner. Various types of pallets are used to hold the different types of freight. Check out our list below to learn about 5 pallet types used in the transportation industry! 


Types of Pallets

5 pallet types include:

  1.  Wood Pallets: Wood pallets are the most popular type. They are typically made from hardwood or softwood and have good strength and durability. Wood pallets can be further categorized based on their type. The 2 most common are block pallets, which have wood blocks at each of the corners, or stringer pallets, which have vertical supports called stringers.
  2. Plastic Pallets: Plastic pallets are another popular type due to their durability, cleanliness and greater resistance to moisture, chemicals and pests. They often are used in industries where cleanliness is vital, such as food and pharmaceuticals. Plastic pallets are built to be reusable or disposable and are configured in various designs and load capacities.
  3.  Metal Pallets: Metal pallets are best known for their strength and durability. They are typically made from steel or aluminum and can withstand heavy freight. Metal pallets are commonly used in industries where load capacities need to be high and fire safety may be a concern.
  4. Paper Pallets: Paper pallets, also  referred to as corrugated pallets, are lightweight and perfect for one-time or limited use. There are commonly made from recycled materials and are easily recyclable themselves. This makes them a more eco-friendly option. Paper pallets are frequently used in industries where weight reduction is essential, such as air freight.
  5.  Pressed Wood Pallets: Pressed wood pallets, also known as composite or engineered wood pallets are constructed by compressing wood fibers with adhesives. There are light that a standard wood pallet, but still provide strength and stability. These can often bridge the gap between cost and usability for companies that only require a lower performing option.
Plastic Pallet


These are the 5 main types of pallets that are used in the transportation industry. Each type of pallet has a similar function, with varying weight capacities. Customized versions of each of these pallets are made when there are specialized parameters for the freight.  Pallets have remained a staple in the industry and will continue to be the best platform for moving freight. 

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