6 Benefits of Shipping with a cargo van

6 Benefits of Shipping with a Cargo Van

Cargo vans are a common sight on our roads today, with much of this due to their versatility and the many benefits that they offer. From the ability to reach low-access locations to the faster transit times that they can often offer, cargo vans can be a great option to ship freight on. Check out our list below to learn more about the benefits of shipping with a cargo van. 

Cargo Vans Benefits

Benefits Include:

  1. Cost-Effective: Cargo vans can be a more affordable option for shipped smaller items or a few skids. They have lower operating costs, reducing the transportation costs for shorter distances.
  2. Maneuverability: Cargo vans are smaller and are more maneuverable than larger trucks, making them ideal for denser locations, narrow roads and harder to access businesses. This allows for easier pickups and deliveries.
  3. Flexibility: Cargo vans provide versatility in terms of their cargo capacity. Whether you have small packages, large items, full skids or a range of goods, a cargo van is able to accommodate. 
  4. Time-Efficient: Cargo vans are a smaller and lighter vehicle than a full-size truck. This often allows them to reach their destinations in less time. 
  5. Convenience: Cargo vans can offer a great deal of convenience. For businesses with freight that needs to be unloaded/loaded by hand, the ground level cargo van allows for this to be done easier and more efficiently. For businesses that have forklifts that can go outside or roll-up doors that cargo vans can back into, skids can be loaded very quickly with minimal effort. 
  6. Accessibility: Cargo vans have rear doors that open wide, allowing for easy loading and unloading cargo. Many vans also have side doors, allowing for further access to the cargo area. This accessibility can be very beneficial when dealing with multiple stops or when loading/unloading in tight spaces. 
Cargo Van Shipping


As can be seen, cargo vans offer a diverse set of benefits that can make them a great option to ship with. From lower costs to the great deal of convenience that they offer, a cargo van may be a great option for your next shipment. 

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