6 Common Types of Straight trucks

6 Common Types of Straight Trucks

Straight trucks, also known as box trucks, come in various types and sizes to suit different transportation needs. These trucks are characterized by their single-unit design, with the cab and cargo area on the same chassis. Straight trucks are commonly used for local and regional deliveries, as they are maneuverable and easier to navigate through denser areas compared to larger trucks. The size and function of a straight truck can vary, with different setups targeting different industries. They are a versatile option, providing various different benefits to the operator. Check out our list below to learn about 6 different types of straight trucks that are commonly seen on the roads today: 

  1. Box Trucks:
    • Dry Van: Enclosed box trucks with a solid, non-refrigerated cargo area. This type of straight truck is commonly used for transporting dry goods and general freight. 
    • Refrigerated (Reefer) van: These box trucks have a refrigeration system to transport temperature-sensitive cargo, such as perishable food items of pharmaceuticals. 
  2. Flatbed Trucks:
    • Standard flatbed: This is a flat cargo bed without sides or a roof, suitable for transporting larger items that don’t fit on, or are difficult to load into an enclosed truck. 
  3. Stake Truck:
    • Stake Bed: Similar to a flatbed but with removable sides(stakes) that can be used to secure and contain cargo. This type of straight truck is commonly used for hauling landscape materials, construction supplies, or other bulk items. 
  4. Curtain Side Trucks & Roll tite Trucks:
    • Curtain Side: These trucks have a flexible curton or tarp-like material on the sides, which can be easily opened for loading and unloading. They provide the weather protection of a van, with the accessibility of a flatbed.
    • Roll-Tite: Roll-tites offer the same benefits of a curtain side, except the entire tarping system rolls back, leaving a fully open deck for loading.
  5. Utility Trucks:
    • Service Truck: Equipped with specialized compartments for tools and equipment, service trucks are commonly used by technicians and maintenance crews for on-site work. 
  6. Tow Trucks:
    • Wrecker/Tow Truck: Designed for towing and recovery of disabled or impounded vehicles. They may have a towing mechanisms, such as a boom, wheel-lift, or flatbed. 


In conclusion, straight trucks are a versatile option across a variety of industries. They can be customized to fit the exact needs of the operator, and provide a greater degree of maneuverability then larger trucks. Overall, they can be a great option for a wide array of applications. 

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