7 common types of freight in ontario

7 Common Types of Freight in Ontario

Ontario is Canada’s largest province in terms of population and a major transportation hub. Ontario has a diverse economy with strong sectors including manufacturing, agricultural and natural resources. This creates a large amount of freight that is transported within, inbound and outbound from the province. This blog will go over the 7 common types of freight transported in Ontario. 

Ontario Freight

7 common types of freight in Ontario include:

  1.  Automotive Products: Ontario is home to a variety of automotive manufacturers. Some of the larger companies include General Motors, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. This leads to automotive products such as cars, trucks and auto parts to be a major type of freight transported in Ontario. The upcoming opening of the Volkswagen plant in Ontario will bring an ever greater demand for automotive products to be transported in Ontario. 
  2. Industrial Goods: Ontario is home to many factories and manufacturing plants that produce a variety of goods including chemicals, machinery and metals. These industrial goods are transported by truck, rail and ship. 
  3. Food and Agricultural Products: Ontario is a major agricultural producer, with a wide variance in types of crops grown across the province. Goods such as grains, fruits, vegetables, and meat are commonly transported to processing facilities, distribution centers and markets throughout Ontario and beyond. 
  4. Consumer Goods: Ontario has many retailers, both large and small, who operate within the province. They sell a variety of consumer goods such as electronics, clothing and household products. These products are often transported from distribution centers directly to the retail locations. 
  5. Construction Materials: Ontario’s has a constantly growing population which has seen growth economically as well. This has led to a significant amount of construction required to keep up with housing and retail requirements. As a result, materials such as lumber, steel, and cement are frequently transported to construction sites across the province.
  6. Natural Resources: Ontario has strong access to natural resources throughout the province. Common types include timber, minerals and oil. These resources are often transported by rail or ship to processing facilities or ports for export. 
  7. Hazardous Materials: Ontario has many industrial facilities throughout the province that use or produce hazardous material such as chemicals or radioactive materials. These materials are subject to strict regulations and must be transported with proper documentation. 
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Overall, Ontario has a strong economy with a wide variance of business’s requiring freight movement throughout, in and out of the province. These 7 common types of freight are just some of the goods that are moved in the province. The ever-expanding landscape of the Ontario economy continues to grow and bring more businesses into the mix whose products need to be transported. 

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