8 Common types of Equipment found around a warehouse

Equipment Found Around a Warehouse

Warehouses come in all different sizes, and they come with varying degrees of how busy they are. They house goods from every sector imaginable and there may be thousands of items in a warehouse. These warehouses need equipment to operate efficiently and the type of equipment varies by the warehouse type, the workload, and the types of goods that are stored in the warehouse. This blog will provide an outline of the different equipment that you may see if you were to walk into a warehouse.   

Hand Truck

A hand truck is a hand operated , two wheel device used to make moving light to medium weight items easy. They have an L-shaped design that allows the user to easily slide the bottom part of the hand truck underneath the item that is being moved.

Hand Truck

Platform Truck

A platform truck is a flat piece of steel with wheel on the bottom and a handle on the back that is used to move goods around. They are important in a warehouse as they help move unskidded items around easily and can handle heavy goods. They are also helpful in delivery vehicles like cargo vans as they allow drivers to load unskidded items on them to easily offload and move freight.

Platform Truck

Pallet Jack/Pump Truck

A pallet jack, otherwise known as a pump truck, is a very important piece of equipment used in moving skidded freight around. Much like a fork lift, pallet jacks have two forks that slide under the pallet. The user then pumps the handle down which creates a hydraulic action that lifts the 

Transport truck drivers often have a pump truck in their trailers. 

Pump Truck

Walkie Stacker

A walkie stacker is a piece of equipment that is used to move skids around.They are a great machine to have in situations where a forklift is not necessary or not accessible. It is best to operate walkie stackers on flat, concrete floors as they commonly feature small wheels that do not do well on outdoor terrain.  

Pump Truck


A forklift is a piece of equipment that most people commonly refer to when they think of a warehouse. Forklifts are very usable machines and can make help with the reliable, efficient movement of skids. Forklifts are rated to carry different degrees of weight, it is important to be aware of the limits of your forklift when moving heavy skids to ensure a safe operation.  


Order Picker

Order pickers are smaller versions of a forklift that is meant to carry more weight than a walkie stacker. Order pickers are used to take the operator up to the rack. The forks hold a skidded load and the operator is most commonly adding to this load, building out a skid. Order pickers are a key piece of equipment that can greatly increase efficiency in a warehouse.

Order Picker Forklift


Also known as telescoping forklifts, they have a boom arm that can extend outward. They are multipurpose machines that have different attachments for different types of functions. Telehandlers are very versatile machines that can offer a wide range of solutions for a warehouse or worksite. 


Shunt Truck

A shunt truck is not used within the actual warehouse building but is an important piece of equipment found in warehouse yards. Shunt trucks are used to move trailers around the yard when needed. Transportation carriers often drop trailers at yards and shunt trucks are used to move them when a new trailer need to be loaded or unloaded. 

Shunt Truck


It is important to have the right equipment at your warehouse. Proper equipment can make work much more efficient for warehouse workers and give them a safe way to deal with tough to move freight. 

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