The Importance of communication 

Freight Brokerage Importance of Communication

Communication is the key to many aspects of our lives. The ability to communicate can make positive interactions more beneficial and help mediate negative interactions. The same trend occurs in transportation. Communication occurs in various lines of the shipping industry. Freight brokerages need to be effective communicators to reach their goals. This blog will provide a look at the lines of communication that occur between freight brokers and other parties. 

Freight Broker to Carrier

The first line of communication to look at is between the carrier and the freight brokerage. The role of the freight brokerage is to take the information given by the customer and find a solution that fits their timeline, budget and any other needs. The freight broker communicates this information to a carrier in their network that they trust. After booking the load, the line of communication between the carrier and freight broker continues.

The freight broker will need to have updates on the status of the shipment. These include when it will be picked up, expected time in transit, expected delivery date/time and any other information that may come up while in transit. Having good relationships with carriers amplifies the ease of this communication because there is a developed layer of trust and transparency. Vetted carriers will make the process easier. It is important to have a network of carriers that effectively cover the type of lanes that you focus on as a freight brokerage.

Freight Broker to Customer

Communication with the customer is important because it creates an added layer of trust and transparency. When shipping freight, there can be several different parameters that need to be met. Carriers may need to call ahead for pickup and delivery, a delivery appointment may need to be booked or delivery may need to be on a straight truck or with a city cab. Various different things can surround the pickup and delivery and it is up to the freight broker to ensure that all of these are determined and communicated to the right person.

The next important part of communication comes when something goes wrong. Shipping is not always a smooth process. We’ve all been in a situation where we ordered from an online store and the delivery took longer than expected. Having updates from the shipper makes these delays easier.

In the world of larger freight, vetted carriers reduce these issues significantly. There are always uncontrollable conditions such as traffic or weather that a carrier and freight broker can’t control. The best way to deal with this is to work to find a solution while being transparent with the customer. Continuous and effective communication will help make any situation better and improve long-term business.


Communication is easy. It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to effectively communicate with a carrier, customer, shipper or anyone involved in the shipping process. Proper communication will build layers of trust that otherwise would not be possible. No news will be worse than bad news. Being transparent will provide unparalleled benefits in the short and long term.

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