Freight Brokers: Connecting Business

Connecting Business

Freight brokers are part of the worldwide freight industry, helping businesses around the world reach new grounds. In a sense, a part of the industry that is behind the scenes. Many know a freight broker, or what a freight broker is, or maybe just have a sense of connection with the word broker, but most do not know the true inter-workings of a freight brokerage. This blog will provide a sense of clarity on freight brokerage and distinguish some of the links in the chain.


The Shipper

The first link in the chain for a freight broker is the shipper. The shipper, in a more universally recognized sense, is the customer. They are the entity that reaches out to a broker with a commodity that needs to be moved from point A to point B under certain constraints. The broker must analyze the freight and distinguish the best options moving forward.


The Carrier

The next link in the chain is the carrier, the entity responsible for actually moving the freight. It is key for a freight broker to have a vetted process when distinguishing an effective and trustworthy carrier for the job. The most efficient way of vetting carriers is through experience. As a freight broker gains experience and connections within the industry, they gain a list of trusted carriers. An easy way to look at freight brokerage connections is to think of them as a social media platform. Freight brokerages connect with carriers, check them out, and then decide whether they would be a good fit within their network.


The Freight Broker

The final chain in the freight brokerage comes right back to where it started, the freight broker. Once the commodity is loaded, it is up to the freight broker to keep a tab on the shipment status. It is inevitable that in some cases, problems will occur. Freight brokers have to deal with a variety of factors that can have an impact on the delivery process. Some of these are out of the carrier’s control. Through quick thinking and proper communication, the broker works to find a solution.


The global shipping network is a well-managed mechanism moving constantly. It is paramount for fluidity between each part of the mechanism to reduce errors. A freight broker works to ensure the fluidity is upheld and that each link in the chain is working efficiently. This process creates a greater peace of mind for everyone involved and leads to a smoother, more efficient shipping experience.

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