Equipment found on a flatbed

Equipment Found on a Flatbed

Flatbed operators carry various equipment that they use throughout day-to-day operation. This equipment is used to provide safer operation, ease of use and protection to the freight. Check out our blog below to learn more about this equipment and how it is used! 

Winch Straps

Winch straps are the most common strap that your will see on flatbed trailers. They are secured directly to winches that are attached to the trailer. Operators use this winch and strap system to effectively tighten the straps, ensuring that the freight is secure. 

Winch Straps


Tarps are a vital part of the flatbed industry. They are used to protect freight from the elements of open deck transport. These tarps are made to be very durable and can keep rain, snow, dirt, etc from getting to the freight. Tarps are an added service and it is up to those shipping the freight to ensure it is communicated to the carrier when tarping is required. 

Flatbed Tarped

Chains and Binders

Chains and binders are an important aspect of the heavy haul industry. They are built with extreme durability and strength and can handle heavy freight. Binders are used to tighten the chains and add an added level of security when attached to the trailer. These are commonly seen in the equipment hauling industry to secure large, moveable equipment such as excavators or bulldozers. 

Chains and Binders

Corner and Edge Protectors

Corner and edge protectors are placed between freight and the straps and offer two important benefits. The first is that they help protect the freight, they are an added layer between the straps and the freight, helping prevent any damage that could be caused by straps on fragile freight. The second is that they help to prevent damage to the straps during the tightening process. 

Edge Protectors


Flags are used on flatbeds that are carrying over-dimensional loads. Whether that be height, width of length, drivers need to ensure that their freight is properly marked using easily visible flags. These are a safety feature both for the drivers and those on the roads around them.



Banners are used to display when a trailer is carrying and oversize load. Large yellow banners are used, with bold lettering displaying “Oversize Load” or “Wide Load”. You will also see reflective red and white signs with a “D” in the centre, signalling large freight. Banners are an important safety feature and allows traffic from both the front and back of the trailer know they are approaching a truck with over-dimensional freight on board.

Oversize Flatbed

Tire Chains

Tire chains are location dependent and are seen on truck while operating in areas that experience adverse winter conditions. They help trucks keep tractions and are an added safety feature. Tire chains are found both on open deck and enclosed trailer variations throughout North America. 

Tire Chains


Dunnage is used on flatbeds to help operators safely load freight. Wood is the material of choice for flatbed operators. It allows them to provide a lift for the freight so that it is easier to load, unload and secure. Along with this, it allows them to separate the freight as required to ensure safe transportation. Operators generally keep dunnage on their truck in boxes under the deck.  



Flatbed operators come across some of the most unique loads in the industry. These loads require a high attention to detail in securement and safety. The equipment that operators keep with them out of the road allows them to reach the highest degrees of safety. This equipment has decades of proven usability and will be used for decades to come! 

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