Equipment found on a Dry Van

Equipment Found on a Dry Van

Dry Van operators carry various types of equipment with them out on the roads. This equipment is used to provide safer operation, ease of use and protection to the freight with much of it being designed to connect directly to the trailer.  Check out our blog below to learn more about this equipment and how it is used! 

Logistic Track

Dry van trailers are often outfitted with logistic tracks on the interior side of the walls. These tracks are the base to various other equipment used within the trailer. They are vital in allowing the operator to secure the freight as required and can make loading freight much more efficient. 

Logistic Track

Logistic Straps

Logistic Straps are the most common type of equipment that you will see on a dry van trailer. Most dry-vans are equipped with tracking along the interior of the walls which are used to connect the strap to the trailer. Once locked in, logistic straps can be used to secure the freight within the trailer.

Logistic Straps

Load Bars

Load bars are commonly found in dry van trailers but can also be requested depending on the specifics of the freight. Load bars lock into the logistic tracks on the interior walls of the trailer and are used to keep freight secure during transit. Along with this, they can be used to create a shelf type setup to allow freight to be stacked. 

Load Bar

Pallet Jacks

Pallet Jacks, also known as pump trucks, are commonly found in city units and are used to load, unload and move skids in the trailer as required. Pallet jacks are not found in all trailers and often need to be requested when a load requires the use of a pallet jack. Pallet jacks are not often found in highway units.

Pallet Jack

Moving Blankets

Moving blanks can sometimes be found in a dry van and are used to protect freight. These are heavy duty blankets that are manufactured to be very durable and can withstand plenty of use. Blanket-wrap service is not very common in the transportation industry and needs to be specially requested when required.

Moving Blankets

Tire Chains

Tire chains are location dependent and are seen on truck while operating in areas that experience adverse winter conditions. They help trucks keep tractions and are an added safety feature. Tire chains are found both on open deck and enclosed trailer variations throughout North America. 

Tire Chains


Dunnage is used on van trailers as a way to further support the freight or fill in space that is unused and creates instability. Dunnage comes in various different forms, with common types being bubble wrap, crinkle paper, air pillows or foam wrap. 



Dry Van’s are the most popular equipment type on the roads today and the equipment found on board help to ensure a safe and efficient movement of freight. Carriers invest in this equipment with the goal of providing a better service to shippers and to give drivers the right tools for the job. 

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-The Team at Wood-Hall Logistics

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