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ShipOntario-Ontario Shipping Platform

We recently launched a new division called ShipOntario. The primary goal of this division is to give Ontario a platform that makes connecting businesses, easy and efficient. Ontario is a market of great interest for us and is the location of our office and warehouse. We aim to take our vast experience of shipping in Ontario and apply it to helping businesses find simple solutions to moving freight.

Carrier Network

At ShipOntario, a carrier network was created to give businesses confidence when moving freight. The network consists of vetted carriers with whom we have long relationships. These are carriers that we trust and use on a very frequent basis. They have done an excellent job countless times and consistently deliver freight without issue. Carriers are very important to us and we have always made it a priority to make sure that they are treated well because without them, moving freight would be impossible. This network continues to grow and we strive to continue to meet reputable carriers that move freight through widespread lanes in Ontario. 

Asset-Direct Delivery Service

At Wood-Hall Logistics, we have a fleet of vehicles that we use to delivery freight throughout Ontario. This aspect of ShipOntario is very important to us and we strive to provide excellent services in our vehicles. Our cargo vans are a great option when moving 1-3 skids or loose freight. They can be loaded through using a forklift or by hand, through the side or back door, making them very accessible. Reach out to us with any questions about our vans, they are more usable then some are aware of and may be a great option for your business.The next part of our asset-direct delivery service is our straight truck. Our truck is a great option for up to 12 skids, or 24 skids if stacked. Along with this, our power liftgate makes ground-level loading seamless.

Our fleet of vehicles is supported by an excellent team of drivers who have the experience and skills to make your shipping experience a smooth one. Along with this, our vans have tracking software installed which allows us to always know where your shipment is. Our operations team works hard to always communicate updates on shipments with our customers. We can ensure an efficient experience when shipping in Ontario with our fleet of vehicles.


The next piece of ShipOntario is the network of cross-docks that we can connect your shipment to. This network is well illustrated on the map found at When shipping freight, a frequent occurrence is a need for a cross-dock. This occurs due to various reasons and having a place to safely drop a shipment can make a big difference. Some examples include needing to move freight to a smaller vehicle to access to tough drop-off location or to store freight until another carrier can pick it up. A cross-dock can be an important piece to completing a shipment and we strive to provide businesses with a cross-dock solution to any problem.  


The final aspect of ShipOntario is our warehouse, located in Breslau, Ontario. Our goal with the warehouse is to provide businesses with a place to store commodities both short and long-term. Along wth this, we use it as a place to consolidate freight and provide our clients with great LTL rates. Check out more pictures of our warehouse through our Instagram or reach out to us for more information!


ShipOntario is a platform that we believe can have both a short and long-term positive impact on the shipping landscape within Ontario. ShipOntario is a consolidated network of services that can help businesses with every step of the process. This platform is supported by our team at Wood-Hall Logistics. We strive to continue to evolve it into the best possible place to help businesses with their logistics needs across Ontario.

We thank you for your time. We are always open to answering any questions. Reach out to us today through or give us a call at 519-213-1000!

-The Team at Wood-Hall Logistics

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