Shipping between canada and California

Shipping Between Canada and California

Canada and California are massive trade partners, with close to $50 billion in goods moving between the regions on annually. California is home to over 900 Canadian-owned businesses employing more than 60,000 workers. 550 of these businesses operate in 10 regions within southern California, employing over 50,000 Californians. Motor vehicles and parts make up a big portion of this trade, with many of the vehicles manufactured in Canada moving through California distribution centres before reaching their final destinations throughout the US.

Canada imports approximately $18 billion in goods from California annually. Canada’s biggest import is equipment/machinery at 39%, following by food/agriculture products at 27%. Other imports include metals, chemicals and plastics. Canada exports approximately $28 billion in goods to California annually. Canada’s biggest exports are automotive/transportation products at 54%, followed by food/agriculture products at 13%. Other exports include forest products, energy and metals.

Common Types of Shipments Between Canada and California

  1.  Agricultural Products: Canada and California both are known for their agricultural industries. Common shipments between the regions includes fresh produce, such as fruits and vegetables, as well as processed food products.
  2. Machinery and Equipment: Canada and California operate a significant exchange of machinery, industrial equipment and electronics.
  3. Automobiles and Automotive Parts: Both Canada and California have thriving automotive sectors, created a substantial trade in vehicles and automotive components.
  4. Natural Resources: Canada’s widespread access to natural resources, including lumber, minerals, and oil leads to it being a common shipment to California.
  5.  Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices: Both Canada and California are home to pharmaceutical and medical companies, leading to the exchange of these products. 


Overall, California is one of Canada’s largest trading partners within the United States. Canada purchases 10% of the goods that California exports, ranging from motor vehicles to wine or vegetables. Along with this, the trade and relationships in the tech industry are apparent with Canada spending billions of California tech services. The relationship between Canada and California has seen consistent growth and is one that should continue to flourish moving forward.

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