Shipping between canada and florida

Shipping Between Canada and Florida

Canada and Florida operate a large trade relationship, with high volumes of freight being moved between the two regions. The economies are well intertwined in many industries and there is a great degree of mutual benefit created from this relationship. There are close to 600 Canadian-owned businesses operating in Florida, employing close to 60000 people. Along with this, Canada is Florida’s #1 international buyer of residential properties with over $60 billion owned by Canadians. 

Looking into the actual numbers, you can see just how large this trade relationship is. Canada imports $4.1 billion in goods annuals. The largest sectors are equipment & machinery at 29% of the total and agriculture at 23% of total trade. On the other side of the table, Canada exports $5.2 billion in goods to Florida annually. The most common are the same, with equipment & machinery making up for 22% and agriculture coming in at 21% of the total trade. Check out the list below to learn more about freight moved between Canada and Florida!

Florida Freight

6 common types of freight in Nova Scotia include:

  1. Food Products: Canada and Florida both operate strong agricultural sectors. This creates a large exchange of food products, including fresh produce, seafood, meat, dairy products, and processed food items.
  2. Machinery and Equipment: Machinery and equipment, including industrial machinery, manufacturing equipment, and specialized machinery are frequently shipped between Canada and Florida. 
  3. Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies: The pharmaceutical industries and large in Canada and Florida. Freight being shipped frequently includes pharmaceutical products, medical supples, and equipment. 
  4. Consumer Goods: Various consumer goods, including electronics, clothing, furniture, and household items are shipped between Canada and Florida to keep up with the demands of consumers. 
  5.   Automotive Parts and Vehicles: Canada and Florida both have significant automotive industries, and the transportation of vehicles, as well as automotive parts and components, is a common type of freight shipped between these two regions. 
  6.  Chemicals and Petrochemicals: Chemicals, including industrial chemicals, solvents, and petrochemical products, are a common type of freight moved between these two regions. 


Florida Freight


Canada and Florida’s trade is significant and the freight traffic between these two regions is heavy. There is a constant stream of freight being moved with different types of equipment and parts of each regions is reliant on this trade. The trade relationship between Canada and Florida will continue to shift and evolve as the economic landscape and the market demand change.

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