Shipping between canada and massachusetts

Shipping Between Canada and Massachusetts

Massachusetts and Canada share a significant trade relationship, with a considerable volume of goods exchanges between the regions annually. Additionally, more than 300 Canadian-owned companies operate in the Northeastern state,  collectively employ over 32000 people. Canadian-owned businesses are significant contributors to Massachusetts’ economy, playing a pivotal role in the relationship between the two regions.

Canada imports approximately $3.6 billion in goods from Massachusetts annually. Canada’s biggest import is equipment/machinery at 32%, followed by minerals/metals at 22%. Other imports include rubber, chemicals and plastics. Canada exports approximately $11.5 billion in goods to Massachusetts annually. Canada’s biggest exports are agricultural products at 28%, energy at 25% and minerals/metals at 20%. Other exports include equipment, forest products and plastics. 

Common Types of Shipments Between Canada and Massachusetts

  1.  Manufactured Goods: Massachusetts has a strong manufacturing sector. Canada imports various manufactured products from the state. This often included goods such as machinery, medical equipment, electronics and more. 
  2. Agricultural Products: Canada is well known for its agricultural exports. Massachusetts commonly imports products such as fruits, vegetables, grains and other agricultural products from Canada.   
  3. Natural Resources: Canada is a major source of natural resources such as lumber, minerals and oil. Massachusetts ships these goods from Canada for various commercial and industrial uses.
  4. Consumer Goods: Canada and Massachusetts engage in trade of consumer goods. Common shipments include household items, clothing and electronics.
  5. Chemicals: Chemical products are produced and exchanged between Massachusetts and Canada. 
  6. Pharmaceuticals: Massachusetts is a hub for biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, leading to trade of these products.


Canada and Massachusetts share a robust trade relationship that has deeply interconnected their economies. The jobs generated through this trade play crucial roles in both regions economies. Canadian-owned businesses operating in Massachusetts add substantial value to both parties. This relationship has matured significantly and is poised for continued growth.

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