Shipping between canada and new jersey

Shipping Between Canada and New Jersey

The trade relationship between New Jersey and Canada is a dynamic interplay of geographical proximity, economic synergies, and shared industrial sectors. With nearly 300 Canadian-owned businesses operating in the Garden State, employing over 21,000 workers, the economic bond between these two regions is robust and multifaceted. Notably, New Jersey’s trade with Canada surpasses its next two largest foreign markets combined, underscoring the significance of this bilateral partnership.

Canada imports approximately $9.9 billion in goods from New Jersey annually. Canada’s biggest import is minerals/metals at 29%, followed by chemicals at 27%. Other imports include agricultural products, equipment and machinery. Canada exports approximately $8.6 billion in goods to New Jersey annually. Canada’s biggest exports are energy at 26%, agricultural products at 19%,  and minerals/metals at 16%. Other exports include equipment, forest products and chemicals.

Common Types of Shipments Between Canada and New Jersey

  1. Automotive Sector: Both Canada and New Jersey boast thriving automotive industries, frequently involving the transportation of vehicles, automotive components, and parts.
  2. Machinery and Equipment: The exchange encompasses a wide array of industrial machinery, heavy equipment, and manufacturing tools, highlighting the diverse nature of their trade relations.
  3. Food Commodities: Canada exports a variety of food products to New Jersey, encompassing dairy, meat, seafood, and agricultural commodities, fostering culinary diversity.
  4. Raw Materials and Natural Resources: Canada’s abundant natural resources, such as lumber, minerals, and energy resources, often find their way to New Jersey for processing or consumption, contributing to resource diversity.
  5. Construction Materials: Construction materials, including lumber, steel, cement, and other building supplies, play a pivotal role in construction projects in both Canada and New Jersey, promoting infrastructure development.
  6. Plastics and Packaging Materials: Plastic products and packaging materials form integral parts of the supply chains across various industries, further enhancing their interconnectedness.
  7. Agricultural Goods: The trade encompasses the exchange of agricultural products such as grains, fruits, and vegetables, bolstering the diversity of agricultural offerings.
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Overall, the trade alliance between Canada and New Jersey represents a significant facet of the broader economic collaboration between Canada and the United States. This multifaceted partnership brings mutual benefits in terms of the exchange of goods, services, and investments, thereby fostering economic expansion and prosperity in both regions.

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