SHipping between canada and new mexico

Shipping Between Canada and New Mexico

Canada and New Mexico engage in the trade and shipping of various goods. The specific goods can vary depending on market demand, but Canada and New Mexico engage in a strong trade relationship.Canada imports $155 millions in goods from New Mexico annually. The largest imports are equipment & machinery at 33% and chemicals at 16%. Canada exports $444 million in goods to New Mexico annually. Canada’s largest export is chemicals at 41%, followed by equipment/machinery at 16%. Check out the list below to learn more about the common types of goods moved between the two regions.

Common Types of Freight

8 common types of freight include:

  1.  Automotive Parts: Canada and New Mexico both have a significant automotive industry. Goods such as car parts, engines, transmissions, and other automotive components are commonly shipped between these two regions.
  2. Chemical Products: New Mexico is well established in the chemical sector. Common exports to Canada include pesticides, fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals. In turn, Canada exports a significant volume or inorganic chemicals to new Mexico.
  3. Machinery and Equipment: Canada has a well established advanced manufacturing sector, and New Mexico has a growing industrial base. Machinery, equipment, and industrial tools are commonly traded between these two regions to support construction and manufacturing projects.
  4. Energy Products: Canada is a major product of energy resources such as natural has, electricity and crude oil. These resources are shipped to New Mexico, to match the demand of construction and manufacturing projects.
  5. Agricultural Products: Canada is known for its agricultural sector, and New Mexico has a diversity agricultural industry. Goods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, livestock and processed foods are shipped between the two regions.
  6. Consumer Goods: Various consumer projects, such as electronics, clothing, furniture and household goods are traded between Canada and New Mexico to meet the demands of consumers in each region.
  7. Wood and Paper Products: Canada has extensive forests and a thriving forestry industry. Wood products, including lumber and paper are commonly exported from Canada to New Mexico for construction, manufacturing and packaging.
  8. Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment: Canada and New Mexico both have strong healthcare sectors Medical Equipment, pharmaceuticals and supplies are shipped between these two regions to support healthcare facilities and the medical needs of each region.
New Mexico Freight


While relatively small, trade between Canada and New Mexico is very important to both sides. The goods that are moved are important to the growth of many industries and offer great economic benefits to each region.

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