Shipping between canada and pennsylvania

Shipping Between Canada and Pennsylvania

Canada and Pennsylvania maintain a significant trade relationship, characterized by the daily exchange of various goods between the two regions. Pennsylvania hosts 326 Canadian-owned businesses, employing 25,000 workers. Among these are notable Canadian companies such as CGI Group, Domtar, Stella Jones, and Hatch LTK, all operating within the state. 

Annually, Canada imports about $12 billion worth of goods from Pennsylvania, with its primary imports being equipment/machinery at 33%, following by minerals/metals at 15%. Other imports comprise chemicals, agricultural products, and plastics. Conversely, Canada exports roughly $13 billion in goods to Pennsylvania each year, with minerals/metals accounting for 23% and agricultural products for 17% of these exports. Other significant exports include enervy, chemicals and forest products. 

Common Types of Shipments Between Canada and Pennsylvania

  1.  Raw Materials: Canada is well known for its abundant natural resources, and Pennsylvania has industries that require the supply of these raw materials. Shipments of natural resources such as minerals, timber, and metal are common between the regions.
  2. Energy Products: Canada is a large producer of energy products such as oil, natural gas and hydroelectric power. Pennsylvania is also home to a fair share of energy-related industries. Shipments of natural gas, petroleum, and electricity products occur between Canada and Pennsylvania.
  3. Agricultural Products: Canada and Pennsylvania both operation strong agricultural sectors. Shipments of agricultural products, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and meats are common between the two regions. 
  4. Chemicals: Pennsylvania has a significant chemical manufacturing industry, and Canada is a major producer as well. Shipments of chemical products, such as plastics, pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals occur between the two regions. 
  5. Automotive Industry: Both Canada and Pennsylvania have strong presences in the automotive industry. Shipments of automobile parts and components between manufacturers are common between the regions.


In conclusion, the trade relationship between Canada and Pennsylvania is robust and multifaceted, benefiting both regions. With numerous Canadian-owned businesses operating in Pennsylvania and substantial trade volumes in various sectors, the economic ties between the two regions continue to thrive. This partnership not only fosters economic growth but also strengthens the bonds of friendship and cooperation between Canada and Pennsylvania.

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