Shipping between canada and Texas

Shipping between Canada and Texas

Canada and Texas operate a strong partnership, characterized by integrated energy sectors and substantial trade in the fruits and vegetables industry. Both parties work together to support a thriving oil and gas industry. Canadian crude is sent to Texas for refining. Once processed, gas as well as various chemical and petroleum products are shipped back for use in Canada. Texas and Alberta specifically have a relationship supported by the deep ties in the oil and manufacturing industries. Nearly 135,000 jobs in Texas are supported by trade with Alberta. Additionally, of the nearly $50.0 billion in trade between Texas and Canada, 25% of it is done with Alberta. 

Canada imports approximately $28.9 billion in goods from Texas annually. Canada’s biggest import is Energy products at 29%, and minerals/metals at 12%. Other big imports include chemicals, plastics and agricultural products. Canada exports approximately $21.3 billion in goods to Texas annually. Canada’s biggest export is minerals/metals at 36%, and equipment/machinery at 15%. Other important exports include plastic, rubbers and forest products.


Common Types of Shipments Between Canada and Texas

  1. Oil and Gas Equipment & Materials: Texas is a major hub for the oil and gas industry. Canada, particularly Alberta, has significant oil reserves, leading to a flow of equipment and materials.
  2. Automotive Parts: Canada and Texas both operate large automotive industries, with a significant flow of vehicles and parts moving between them.
  3. Agricultural Products: Both regions produce a variety of agricultural products, so there’s trade in goods like grains, meats, and produce.
  4. Industrial Machinery & Equipment: Machinery and equipment, such as manufacturing and construction equipment is commonly shipped between the two regions.
  5. Raw Materials: Canada is known for its natural resources like lumber and minerals, which are often shipped to Texas for processing or use in manufacturing.
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In conclusion, the partnership between Canada and Texas is multifaceted, encompassing integrated energy sectors, vibrant trade in fruits and vegetables, and a strong collaboration in supporting the oil and gas industry. The exchange of Canadian crude for refining in Texas, followed by the return shipment of various products to Canada, exemplifies the depth of this relationship. Particularly, the close ties between Texas and Alberta play a pivotal role, supporting thousands of jobs in Texas and accounting for a significant trade between Texas and Canada. This partnership stands as a testament to the mutual benefits and shared prosperity that results from strong international collaborations.

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