Types of pup trailers

Types of Pup Trailers

Pup trailers refer to a type of trailer configuration often used in the transportation industry. They are a shorter trailer that are often pulled in tandem, offering slightly more cargo space than a typical 53′ dry van. They are also pulled as single units to assist with deliveries in less accessible locations such as large cities. This blog will go over 6 of the most common types of pup trailers.


Types of Pup Trailers

6 common types of pup trailers include:

  1.  Pup Flatbed Trailer: These trailers have a flat deck without a roof or side walls. Flatbeds are more suited for carrying large or bulky freight. Pup flatbed trailers are commonly used in construction, lumber and other industries.
  2.  Pup Van Trailer: Pup van trailers, also known as dry van pup trailers, are enclosed trailers. They provide security and protection for freight. They are commonly general freight, palletized goods, and other types of cargo. Pup van trailers are a widely used trailer type.
  3. Pup Reefer Trailer: Pup reefer trailer, also known as refrigerated pup trailers, are insulated and equipped with cooling units to transport temperature-sensitive cargo.
  4.  Pup Livestock Trailer: Pup livestock trailers are designed specifically for transporting animals, such as cattle, sheep or pigs. They have specialized compartments, gates and ventilation systems to ensure the safety and comfort of the animals during transportation.
  5.  Pup Tanker Trailer: Pup tanker trailers are specialized trailers used for hauling liquid or gases. They are often used in the petroleum, chemical, and agricultural industries to transport fuel, chemicals, water, or other bulk liquids.
  6. Pup Dump Trailer: Pup dump trailers are used for hauling loose materials, such as sand, gravel, or construction debris. They have a hydraulic lifting mechanism that allows the cargo bed to be raised and the contents to be dumped.
Pup Rolltite


These are the main types of pup trailers, and there are other specialized versions built to target specific industry needs. Pup trailers offer various benefits and are an important part of the key industries that keep our cities operating.

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