What is a Day cab?

What is Day Cab?

 A day cab is a type of commercial tractor unit that does not have a sleeper compartment or a bed. It’s main purpose is for short-haul or regional transportation, where the driver will return home everyday rather than sleep in their trucks. Day cabs are most commonly used for local delivery, construction, or any job that require frequent stops and a higher level of maneuverability in denser areas. Day cabs are smaller and more agile than sleeper cabs, making it easier to navigate through traffic and locations with less accessibility. Day cabs are also frequently known as city units, as they are primarily used for local pickups and deliveries in the cities around a hub.  

Objective of Cross-Docking

The objective of cross-docking is to reduce the time and cost associated with the standard warehousing and distribution methods. It allows goods to move more efficiently through the supply chain. Cross-docking creates great benefits for companies that need to transport large volumes of freight over long distances, as it assists with streamlining their operations.

Benefits of Day Cabs

Some benefits of a day cab include: 

  1.  Maneuverability: Day cabs are built for shorter hauls, meaning they are typically ligher and more agile than a sleeper cab. This allows them to maneuver easier in tight spaces, such a urban areas and busy shipping locations. 
  2. Fuel efficiency: Day cabs are usually more fuel-efficient than a sleeper cab. This is due to them being lighter with fewer amenities. This can create a lower operating cost for companies not requiring sleeper cabs. 
  3. Versatility: Day cabs are a great option for a wide range of applications, including regional hails and local delivery routes. They can be used for hauling dry goods, refrigerated products and even more specialized freight. 
  4. Lower purchase cost: Due to the lack of amenities that come with a day cab, they are typically less expensive than a sleeper cab. This makes them a more affordable option for smaller trucking companies or local owner-operators. 


Day Cab


Day cabs are a great type of equipment and are the backbone of local transportation. They make is easier to deliver to the more densely populated areas and are typically less-expensive to run than a sleeper cab. Most trucking companies own day cabs, whether that be for their local consolidation of freight for outbound shipping or to run their full business. Day cabs have been and will continue to be a staple to the transportation industry. 

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