What is a hub and spoke distribution center?

What is a Hub and Spoke Distribution Center?

A hub and spoke distribution center is a logistic and supply chain management model that is commonly used to optimize the movement of goods within a network. In this model, a central distribution hub serves as the primary point for receiving, sorting and storing products. This central hub is typically strategically located to facilitate efficient transportation and minimize shipping costs.

The “spokes” in this model refer to the secondary distribution points that radiate outward from the central hub. These spokes can include regional warehouses, retail stores, or other distribution centers. Goods are shipped from the central hub to these spokes, and then further distributed to their final destinations. These include retail outlets, customers, or other intermediate locations.


Key Characteristics of a hub and spoke distribution center model include:

  1. Centralized Hub: The central distribution hub is the primary point for receiving products from suppliers and manufacturers. Its operates as the central inventory and sorting location.
  2. Efficient Transportation: The central hub’s strategic location allows for efficient transportation and reduced shipping costs, as it can serve as a consolidation point for goods coming from various sources.
  3. Economies of Scale: By consolidating inventory and handling at a central location, companies can achieve economies of scale, reduce operating costs, and streamline their supply chain operations.
  4. Improved Inventory Management: The central hub helps in better inventory management. This is due to it allowing for the optimization of stock levels and reducing the risk of overstocking or understocking at various spokes.
  5. Regional Distribution: Spokes distribute goods to specific regions. This reduces the distance and time needed for delivery to the final receiver.
  6. Enhanced Customer Service: This model can help improve customer service by ensuring that products are available when they are needed. This reduces stockouts and ensures timely deliveries.



Hub and spoke distribution models are commonly used in various industries including manufacturing, e-commerce and transportation. The goal of these centers is to create more efficient and cost-effective supply chains. This approach allows companies to balance the benefits of centralized operations with the advantages of localized distribution to meet customer demands effectively. 

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