What is Gravity Flow Racking?

What is a Moble Stacking Storage System?

A mobile stacking warehouse system is a form of automated storage and retrieval system that is used in warehouses and distribution centers to efficiently store and retrieve goods. The system typically consists of automated machinery, such as stacker cranes or shuttles, which move vertically and horizontally within a storage area to pick up, deposit and organize items.

Gravity Flow Racking Operation

The following is how a gravity flow racking system operaters:

  1. Racking Structure: The system is set up within a tall racking structure with multiple levels. Each level consists of storage slots or shelves where goods can be placed.
  2. Automated Machinery: The main components of a mobile stacking system are usually stacker cranes or shuttles. These machines can move horizontally along the aisles and vertically along the racks, accessing various level to pick up or deposit items. 
  3. Storage and Retrieval: The system uses automated controls and software to manage the storage and retrieval of items. When goods need to be stored, the machinery picks up the item from a designated location and places it in an available slot open within the racking system. On the flip side, when an item needs to be retrieved, the machinery locates the items and takes it to the designated pick-up point. 
  4. Space Optimization: Mobile stacking warehouse systems are designed to maximize space utilization. The automated machinery has the ability to place items close together within the racking structure, minimizing wasted space and allowing for a higher-density storage setup.
  5. Efficiency and Accuracy: These systems can operate with a high degree of efficiency and accuracy. This reduces the need for manual labour, which can help facilitate faster order fulfillment and reduced human errors in the picking and storage system.
  6. Inventory Management: The systems are often integrated with warehouse management and software, allowing for real-time tracking of inventory levels, item locations and order statuses. This enhances overall inventory management and visibility. 
  7. Scalability: Mobile stacking warehouse systems are modular and scalable. This means that additional stacker cranes or shuttles an be added to the system as the warehouse’s needs grow.


Overall, the main objectives of a mobile stacking warehouse system is to optimize space, increase operational efficiency and streamline inventory management and processes within a warehouse. These systems are very suitable for operations that handle a high volume of items that require rapid order fulfillment.

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