What is a Temperature-controlled distibution center?

What is a Temperature-Controlled Distribution Center?

A temperature-controlled distribution center, also know as a cold storage facility, is a specialized storage and logistics facility designed to maintain specific temperature conditions to preserve the quality and safety of temperature-sensitive products such as good, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other perishable goods. These facilities are a critical component of the supply chain for industries where temperature control is essential to prevent spoilage, contamination or degradation of products. Check out the list below for the important aspects of a temperature-controlled distribution center.

  1. Climate Control Systems: Temperature-controlled storage facilities are equipped with specialized climate control systems that regulate temperature and humidity levels within a certain range. These systems are put in place to maintain a consistent environment within the walls of the facility.
  2. Temperature Management: These facilities are equipped with advanced HVAC systems and refrigeration units to regulate and maintain specific temperature ranges, based on the type of products being stored. Common temperatures include freezing (-20C or -4F), cold storage (2-8C or 35.6-46.6F) and controlled ambient (15-25C or 59-77F)
  3. Insulation: The walls, floors, and ceiling of these facilities are typically well-insulated to minimize temperature fluctuations and reduce energy consumption. 
  4. Humidity Control: In addition to temperature control, humidity is also closely monitored and controlled. Humidity levels are typically kept between 30% and 60% relative humidity to prevent mold growth, corrosion, and other moisture related damage.
  5. Storage Systems: Temperature-controlled distribution centers use specialized storage systems, such as refrigerated pallet racks, shelving units, and bulk storage solutions to organize and store product efficiently. 
  6. Monitoring and Control: Advanced monitoring and control systems are used to track temperature and humidity levels in real-time. If temperatures deviate from the specific range, alarms are triggered to notify personnel for corrective action. 
  7. Security Measures: Temperature-controlled storage facilities have security measures in place to protect stored items, including access control, surveillance cameras, and security personnel.


Overall, temperature-controlled storage facilities provide a reliable and controlled environment to protect valuable and sensitive items from temperature and humidity-related damage. These facilities are a valuable option for individuals and businesses that require secure and climate-controlled storage solutions.

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