What is Double Deep racking?

What is Double Deep Racking?

Double Deep racking is a type of storage system that is commonly used in warehouses and distribution centres. This type of racking system aims to maximize storage capacity while maintaining accessibility to palletized goods. It is a variation of the selective racking, which is the most common type of pallet racking.


With a double deep racking setup, pallets are stored two deep. Each storage bay is able to accommodate two pallets, positioned linearly. This type of setup double the storage capacity compared to traditional selective racking systems. Operators are able to access the rear pallet using extended forks or specialized equipment. These forklifts can reach into the back of the racking systems to retrieve or place pallets.


Advantages of Double Deep Racking

  1. Increased Storage Density: The primary advantage of double deep racking is the ability to increase storage density compared to traditional selective racking. Through storing pallets two deep, you can store more pallets within the same footprint, an ideal solution for warehouses with limited space.
  2. Cost Efficiency: Double deep racking maximizes storage capacity within a given space, it reduces the need to expand or build additional storage facilities.
  3. Reduced Aisle Space: Double deep racking required fewer aisles compared to other high-density storage systems. This can further contribute to space savings within the warehouse, enabling a more efficient utilization of the available area.
  4.  Efficient Batch Picking: Double deep racking works well with batch picking operations. When products are picked in larger quantities rather than individual pallets, the extra time it takes to access rear pallets is less impactful.
  5. Flexibility: Double deep racking can be integrated with other storage solutions. This allows warehouses to create customized storage systems that suit their specific needs.

Limitations/Considerations of Double Deep Racking

  1. Reduced Selectivity: The most significant drawback of double deep racking is its reduced selectivity. Retrieving rear pallets requires moving the front pallets first, which can be time-consuming and create slower access to specific goods. This makes it less suitable for warehousing that requires frequent access to a wide variety of goods.
  2. Specialized Equipment: Double deep racking can require specialized forklifts with extended forks or attachments to reach the rear pallets. This may lead to higher initial and maintenance costs. 
  3. Complex Inventory Management: Managing inventory in a double deep system can be more complex compared to the more accessible storage systems. Proper tracking and rotation of products are important to prevent potential storage issues.
  4. Complex Installation: Setting up a double deep racking system can be more complex compared to traditional racking systems. It may require more precise measurements, adjustments and considerations for proper forklift access.


In conclusion, double deep racking can significantly increase storage capacity, but it may not be the best solution for all types of products or warehouse operations. For the right operation, it an be an efficient storage solution for warehouses looking to maximize their storage capacity while balancing accessibility and selectivity.

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