What is selective racking?

What is Selective Racking?

Selective racking, which is also known as single-deep racking or selective pallet racking, is a common type of racking system used in warehouses for storing skidded freight. Selective racking is designed to provide direct access to each pallet, making it easy to retrieve and place items individually.

In a selective racking warehouse system, pallets are stored in a single-deep configuration, allowing each pallet to be accessible from the aisle. The racking in made of vertical frames and horizontal beams, which forms individual storage levels. The beams can be adjusted, allowing for flexibility in the sizes and weights of pallets that it can accommodate. 

Advantages of Selective Racking

  1.  It maximizes the use of available space by utilizing vertical height.
  2. It provides access to any pallet without the need to move others, making it ideal for setups where a high level of selectivity is required, and pallets are constantly being moved in and out of the warehouse. 
  3. Selective racking systems are relatively easy to install. Along with this, they can be reconfigured, allowing them to be adaptable to the needs of the storage facility.

Limitations/Considerations of Selective Racking

  1.  Selective racking requires a large number of aisles to provide access to individual pallets, which reduces the overall storage density.
  2. Selective racking may not be the most efficient method for warehouses storing large quantities of the same product, as it doesn’t maximize space as much as other systems. 
Selective Racking Warehouse


All in all, selective racking is versatile and commonly used system for palletized storage. It offers great accessibility and flexibility for various warehouse operations.

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